Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Santa is a bit prejudice

I was watching Rudolph and have you ever really payed attention? Santa told Rudolph and his dad that Rudolph can't fly with him because his nose glows. The Coach told everyone not to let Rudolph play and Reindeer games because of his nose. I mean, what is that about? Someone is a little different and WHAM, suddenly you are not welcome. I know that is what the whole story is, but I never really paid attention to that before. You think SANTA would know better. Frankly no one cared until they needed something. Nice!

Well, Bradley's room in half clean. I swear, I would like to move in some big a*s vacuum and suck everything in there. I don't care if he needs it.

I think I have a spider bite on my eye lid. (I HATE spiders). It is swollen but not as bad as this morning. I think I might not die.


Julie said...

Elizabeth watched this today because she had to see Clarice the reindeer. I noticed that same thing for the first time today. I thought boy Donner is sure mean to Rudolph because he is different and he disappoints him.

mackeydoodle said...

Ya have to wonder about some of those shows.
Frosty is my favorite but I always found it a bit disturbing that he & Santa leave Karen on the roof at the end of the show. I mean come on, it's Christmas Eve & it's cold out. Why didn't Santa use his magic & take her down the chimney or at least leave her at the front door & ring the doorbell?
Highly disturbing.