Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My far

Friday I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with my two blogger friends. Our kids had a great time playing.
Saturday we watched the LA Galaxy practice at The Home Depot Center. You might think Bechham is my favorite player, but no, it is Mike Randolph
Then we went to lunch with our cousins. Siobhan went to Sandee's house until Jasso movie night, "The Return of the Invisible Man".
Sunday for Easter we hung out here, as usual. The kids found Easter baskets and hunted for eggs. We had a small dinner and relaxed at home. It was nice. No fuss. I actually LET Krystal drive. I figured if there was one day God would be really keeping an eye out... ha ha. She did okay!
Monday the kids and I started cleaning their room. It is hard having two little one's with a lot of stuff in one room. Eric came home and couldn't believe how messy the house was. Every-time I walked in their room I felt overwhelmed so they had to bring the stuff to me (still working on that project!)Bradley did some sanding on the kitchen cabinet doors. Siobhan had gymnastics, then we all went out to dinner.
Tuesday Eric worked half day. We picked up lunch and took the kids to Irvine park. We ate lunch
and Diego rode a pony. and we rode the train. Last night Bradley and I took the little one's to story time over at the new library. I might try and take Siobhan to the story time for older kids. She is really enjoying reading. I can't believe how much she can read by herself already.
Today? Well, I don't know yet. I have also enjoyed myself playing Lost in Blue 3 on the DS as well as Diner Dash 1, 2 and Flo on the Go on my mac. Ahhh, vacation!

I have put a lot of pictures up on Flickr. I usually put them all here but we have been taking photos like crazy. Want to check them out? Click here for Flickr!


Julie said...

I really want to go to that park, it reminds me of the old park at Knott's. Next time I come I have to make a trip to Irvine Park.

Sounds like you have had a good vacation.

Di said...

We will go together!

Eric Jasso said...

Didn't it seem like the season just ended? We will be better this year. Go Galaxy!

Cilla said...

Isn't it sad how vacations go by so quickly? But it sure sounds like you kept busy and had lots of fun! Loved the pictures! :)

Melissa said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Great pics! xo