Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So guess I will be home today

Siobhan has a fever. She felt hot when I picked her up from daycare yesterday. I thought it would just "go away" like it has in the past. But, if you note the time of this post, you will see we were not so lucky. Eric was planning on coming home early but since I am the one who is up now (and has been for about an hour), there is no way I will be able to function tomorrow (today!) at work.

She has a bit of a cough too. I hope Diego doesn't get it. I am going to send him to Eric's mom just to keep him away. Plus she LOVES watching him. We need more medicine. I bought the melt-aways but Siobhan said she would rather have liquid. Ick! What a freaky kid! We need batteries for the remote too. I can't believe I actually figured out how to turn the tv on. I was lucky that the Dish Network and the surround sound were already on, otherwise I would have been lost.

I registered Bradley for his SAT's. I made K's DMV appointment. We finally got her birth certificate. I ordered it December 21st. How is that for a timeline! It came yesterday! (still feels like today). Siobhan is signed up for gymnastics and this weekend we can sign her up for soccer. I can't wait until Diego is old enough. He LOVES soccer. He is going to be good!

I better get back to the Princess. She has been up three times since I have been writing this. Good morning people!


Julie said...

My kids hate the melt aways also, I am with you I think the liquid is worse. Poor thing, she loves school too!

Sounds like you got alot accomplished even if you were tired. I have to get C's birth certificate when I am down there since I can't seem to find my copy. Funny thing is I didn't get my license until I was 18 because I didn't have my birth certificate either.

Cilla said...

Yeah for K! She finally gets to take her DMV test. I hope she actually gets to take it this time. :) Good luck to her. Now if she passes, does that mean you will actually let her drive????