Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yesterday I dropped Siobhan off at school and went to work. At lunchtime I left to pick Siobhan up from school and drop her off at home (half day), and went back to work. I got off work, and went home and took Siobhan to sign up for soccer. When I got home I took K to find some track clothes. Finally, I got home for good. Today Eric got up early to take K to school so she could catch her school van to go down to San Diego for a track meet. I took Siobhan to dance this morning and came home and Eric and I took the little one's (B was at a track meet also) to the bookstore to get some books and out for lunch. We all came home and took a nap.

My friend Cheryl always jokes about how much I drive around. I don't think this is anything. When Bradley was in soccer too, that was driving around. We go to soccer in Orange, not far, but not right around the corner either. The thing is, I don't mind driving. When we go to Mexico, I drive. Basically whenever we go anywhere, I drive. We take my car, I drive. I have motion sickness bad, so I prefer to be in the drivers seat, literally.

Tonight is the Invisible Man for Jasso Movie Night. The kids are looking forward to it. It starts at 9 so the kids had to get their naps in (us too!). Hopefully K will be back soon and Eric can go get some snacks for tonight. We always have popcorn too. I think it might be a good night for a fire too, if we have a log.

Tomorrow, the plans are, NOTHING! I LOVE Sundays. I get up whenever, have some coffee. Do laundry (which I enjoy EXCEPT for putting them away) and I will go to the market and make something yummy for dinner. I so enjoy making dinner on Sundays. No rush! It can be something that takes hours and I find it fun. Only on Sundays!


Julie said...

I drive always, only because my better half could not find his way out of a paper bag.

I know from living in So.Cal that it is nothing to drive all over the place. I used to do it all the time and think nothing of it.

Now I freak out if I have to go to the other side of town,LOL

Melissa said...

I hate to drive! If I could hire someone to do it for me all the time I totally would! Ed likes to drive though so that works out well. :) What'd ya make for Sunday dinner?

Di said...

Just pasta, actually had a busy day! (Great pasta though!)