Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oh yeah

Alright, yesterday I did the unthinkable. I pre-ordered Lost in Blue 3. The store said they should have it March 19th. 10 days! oh yeah. He told me "We will call you the day before to remind you". "Oh, no need I told him!" Please! There is NO way I would forget!

To tide me over I bought a couple of used games to tide me over. They were cheap! I got Trace Memory, which seems okay, and Jewel Match, which I love and kick ass at! My friends at work and I trade games so when I am done, they use it and I borrow somethig of theirs. Of course I won't need to because I will have Lost in Blue 3.

Yesterday Eric told the kids that the DS was like crack to mommy. He said "At least it is cheaper!". No kidding.

My next blog- Sergio from Sprint!


Julie said...

I finally beat Zelda and ended my DS addiction. I probably would like other games but since I have this danged computer addiction I dare not.

drama mama said...

We are planning on getting a DS for The Bear next Christmas. He has a Game Boy now. I am horrible at games. I do not have mad skills!

Di said...

Oh, I think it is the best game system. There are SO many games. Any type for anyone!

Melissa said...

I'm off to buy a new one for Jake for his birthday tomorrow. He lost his old one...ugggghhh! But he had played it so much the hinges were broken anyway. He wants the Pets Horses 2 game. I am easily addicted as well so I try to stay abstain from the DS. :)

Di said...

yeah, you should. Seriously, scary to addicting it can be!