Friday, March 07, 2008

Still not at school

Siobhan missed a full week of school. This is the first time she has missed any school. She can't seem to kick this bug. Fever, then she is fine, then a fever again. grrr. I thought she was fine but now she has another low grade fever.

She says she wants to try soccer. Eric is afraid she is going to quit dance and then find out she hates soccer. Since she is a totally girly girl, he doesn't think she will like the running around and getting sweaty. She wants to try. She even told me she doesn't care if the uniform isn't pink! ha ha

Next year Diego should be able to play. He is going to tear up the field, it is already obvious!

We found out that Nan isn't going to be able to visit us like we thought. We are so sad. It has been almost four years. We miss her so much! We miss you all the time Nan! We could NEVER forget you!

Eric is going to meet a friend from high school tomorrow. That is pretty cool.


Julie said...

Yeah, that's how my daughter is also, we asked if she wanted to play softball and that was a no.

I am so excited I get to meet you in two weeks!

Melissa said...

Sarah and Jake are playing soccer this spring. Sarah is a very "girly-girl" too. She would rather not sweat, but I really want her to play sports since I was never given that option. I gave her a choice between softball and soccer and she picked soccer. Kinda sad cuz she's REALLY good at softball but it's a little slow for her taste I guess.

Hope Siobhan is feeling better today! xo's to her!