Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am ON vacation

So, I am on vacation this week and where did I end up? WORK! ha ha am I dedicated or what? I scheduled something this week so I had to go in, I didn't mind. I LOVE my job. I kept telling everyone "I am not here I am on vacation!" ha ha

It has been wonderful being able to pick Siobhan up from school. I wish I had some sort of adjusted schedule where I could do it everyday. It has been really cool being with Diego everyday too. I think we are closer because of it.

Siobhan told me she had a headache at school today. She said "Do you think it was my brain actually?" She is too much!
She is running a temp though, she NEVER gets sick! She's been coughing too, I think she might have a bit what I STILL have!

Oh, I think I will post the books I just finished reading!

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Julie said...

That's dedication especially when you have new SIMS.

Poor Siobhan!

Conner got Legend of Zelda for his DS for Christmas and I have been playing it. I am addicted to beating it. I never play the DS or computer games but for some reason I like that one.