Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No more vacation

Back to work today. Ahh, nice being back to work. Everyone misses you. Wonders where you were, what you were doing.

Tomorrow my boss and I are driving to Ventura (90 miles EACH way) for a meeting. OH MY GOSH! I can't believe some people drive that each day. We are meeting at 7am at Starbucks and hopefully will make it there by 9:30. My work has an office there so we are hoping to stop and visit them as well. I have never been to that office, hoping to not go again anytime soon either. ha ha

We finally decided where to have Siobhan's birthday party. She turns 6 on the 31st. Everyday she wants to know if we can go get the stuff for the party bags. Geez, we have almost two weeks! I am trying to get a count here! You can't just go buying bags if you don't know how many kids are coming. She invited all the girls in her class. Sounds like a lot but it was only nine.

Diego is finally getting this potty thing. I know Andrea, I know. He has been going poop on the potty for almost forever, but pee, who cares. He lets it flow. It is our fault too. We have been using pull ups, nothing to make him go. I think it is because he is our baby. What is the rush! I think we are over the "he is our baby thing". ha ha He has been doing well.

Eric is off this week to stay with Diego. His mom (his usually watcher) finds out on Friday when she gets out of rehab. Until then, we will continue taking turns.

Siobhan is watching Happy Days. She likes that and Brady Bunch. Innocent shows. You gotta love that!


Julie said...

Conner loved Happy Days at that age too! He was obsessed with Tony Danza and Who's the Boss too! I never had a problem letting him watch those shows.

Aww, your baby is getting big. One of my kids potty trained that way too! Poop was the easy part but the peeing was hard. I think it was Conner?

I am hoping your MIL get's out soon and can return home.

I hope you had a nice trip in the car and arrived home safely.

Me said...

We should get our kids together. Mine pees in the potty just fine but hides in her bedroom behind the door to poop. LOL