Thursday, January 03, 2008

Someone SHUT the door!

Someone let a bug in. A big bug. A virus kind of bug! I am S I C K! Grrr. Came on New Year's. Eric and I took S and D to lunch and I said "my throat kinda hurts". Eric said it is probably because of all the winds, makes sense. I have asthma so the Santa Ana's effect you in all sorts of ways. So, I figured he was right.

I couldn't sleep that night. My throat HURT! I tried spray. ffftt, that sore throat bounced that spray right off. "ha ha you will do NOTHING to help here spray. In pain she must be!".

Yesterday I went and loaded up on dayquil and nyquil (my tried and true favorite) gel-caps. I took a daytime on as soon as I got home, drank a lot of Gatorade and relaxed. I felt among the living. Took nyquil last night, and still couldn't sleep. At first I couldn't sleep because Eric was laughing at all the noises I was making. (nice babe!). I woke up thinking "what IS that noise", only to find it was me! We laughed at that one! I kept waking up. Eric was waking me up, "Turn over". I can't even blame him. I finally went to the couch to watch a little tv.

This morning, ouch! I think Eric is right, it has something to do with sinus'. I feel pretty much okay otherwise (except tired!). I did not want to get up this morning (really closer to afternoon). I am armed now with a hot shower and some more dayquil. I think I am going to go get a coffee from this wonderful new coffee shop right by us. THAT will make me feel better! ha ha

Keep healthy out there people. Oh and for you So Cal people, they say it is going to ACTUALLY rain. Real rain, not the stuff we usually call rain. Be CAREFUL! (It probably won't even rain, they are never right!).


Julie said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling badly. Feel better soon!

Melissa said...

:( Poor girl. I'm sorry ur feeling yucky. Lots of viruses going around here as well. It's 10 degrees in West Tennessee! Brrrhhh! Xtra hugs to you my friend!

mackeydoodle said...

We have been sick too.
Kennedy got sick on Dec.23
Braeden & I caught it & are finally just getting over it.