Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy 6th birthday to my baby girl!


Julie said...

Happy birthday Siobhan!

It was my sister's birthday yesterday.

Di said...

Happy birthday Julie's sister!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Siobhan! You are such a BEAUTIFUL little 6 year old! I know your Mommy must be sad that you're growing up so fast!

Nan said...

Wow.She's 6 already!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Siobhan!!!!!!!
Could you tell her that ?I wonder if she still remember me ??
Love her so much :) was my mom b-day too.
ps. I finally sent you something couples of week ago.I'm not sure when will it arrive.I know it's superrrr late for New Year .I'm really sorry for that.
Miss you Diane

Di said...

Does she remember you? Are you crazy! She talks about you ALL the time. We ALL miss you! You have no idea how much!

Tell your mom happy birthday. I will let you know when the package arrives. I have some stuff to send you too. You know how lazy I am to go to the post office! ha ha

drama mama said...

She's beautiful! Happy Birthday!!