Monday, January 14, 2008

Playing "stay at home mom"

I am off this week, well mostly because Eric's mom is still in rehab. She usually watches Diego. Krystal has been watching him the last week but she is back to school today. Eric will take off next week. After that, we will see but will share the load.

I have to go in on Wednesday for a video conference with one of our other sites. It is also one of my staff's birthday's so Eric will stay home and I will just go in the whole day. Today Diego and I dropped the girls off at school and went out for breakfast. Then we went to the market and are back home watching Toy Story. I love to hear him laugh. He quotes the dang movie all of the time.

Our dryer went out. Why! I went to Sears on Saturday. They have a mail in rebate that is effective on Sunday for free delivery. Okay, I will come back on Sunday. I went in Sunday. The only person who was working that department mother had died and there was no one there until the afternoon. I came home and told Eric that maybe our dryer was going to start working again. (I tried it, no such luck!) I am going to Howard's today. I like them better anyway and they don't charge you $10 to haul away your old one.

I haven't been online too much. Eric got me the newest Sims expansion pack and I am still hanging on to whatever illness this is that I have. I think I might actually take a nap today. Playing at stay at home mom is better than actually staying at home because I am almost positive that no stay at home mom actually gets a nap!


Me said...

I hope you feel better soon.

And nope, I never get a nap! LOL

Julie said...

yeah, naps are a big "no,no" these days. The kids don't take them anymore and when I do they make messes.

I was thinking I broke our dryer this weekend but the door popped back into place. Why is it hard to find a great place to buy appliances??? Why do they have to charge you for everything?

Enjoy your time off this week!

Di said...

Why do they have to charge so dang much too. Appliances do not last as long as they used too. I guess I shouldn't complain with the amount of laundry we do with four kids. Can you imagine going to the laundry mat?!