Thursday, November 12, 2009

mas about me

I like black licorice, not red
I love to read and I read very quickly but I do not know how to spell
I enjoy going to the movies but think it is so over priced that I don't do it often
I wish I could hire a cook (dinner would be ready when I get home)
I would love to have my house completely decorated for Christmas but never actually manage to get it done
I think the Thanksgiving meal is over rated. How much food does any one person need in one sitting?
I would really like to have a convertible (well who wouldn't?)
My friend Melissa has been my friend for 38 years. How has she hung in there?
My husband and I have been together for 16 years. Still in love!
I look forward to seeing my children every night but don't mind going to work in the morning.
I have worked at my job for almost 11 years and I still love it.
I have an apple most nights at bedtime
My friends think we have too much computer "stuff"
I don't see my mom or brothers as much as I would like
I thought I would be a better Aunt

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Julie said...

I like these posts!

Upectess the right time to do this.