Saturday, November 14, 2009

My trip for produce

There is a store called Superior. I wish it were closer but I drive to Santa Ana for it. It is worth it.
Check out the deals I got!

2.4 lbs onions =.60
loose carrots 3.28lbs=1.09
10lbs potatoes=1.79
hot house tomatoes 1.97lbs= .99
navel oranges 5.17lbs= 2.59
bananas 5.29ils=3.65
red delicious apples 13.10lbs=2.62

Yes 13.10 POUNDS of apples. I almost thought "is this too much?" but we go through fruit like crazy.

I love that store for produce. Everything else, eh. But what deals they have! It is worth it to drive the 6 miles or so. (There are THREE in Santa Ana, time to move out into another city guys!) Plus it is bag your own which the little one's love and since all I get is produce it makes it pretty easy.

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