Tuesday, November 10, 2009

re-posting my very first post

This was my very first post. Written on Friday August 6, 2004. FIVE years ago. Thought it wouldn't hurt to re-post. Diego was about 2 months old and I was still on my four month "vacation" from work.


Sometimes I feel as if I am going to go out of my head being at home with four kids. I count the hours until my husband is home, an adult, someone to help spread the madness. How can they be so dang cute and so annoying all at the same time? So, as I think, wow I need to run away, I think a I only have 55 days until I go back to work. Yikes! I love my job, don't get me wrong, I love my kids too. But too much of a good thing.....
I try and remember that I probably (although I don't see how) get on their nerves as well. If we decide to go to the park, everyone is excited. If we go to the dog beach, woo hoo. If we go shopping, all right! But somewhere between the going and the being there, the outing loses some of its appeal and someone is complaining. So, easy enough to fix, hey you don't like it stay home and do chores. Ha! I showed them.

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Julie said...

I loved reading that. Very cool to look back.