Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Monday

Today started out pretty crappy, got worse but then tapered off. Eric made a nice pasta dinner and I got to watch a MONK. I am going to have clean sheets in about 5 minutes and nothing can go really bad when you have clean sheets.

I made Diego clean off the toothpaste on the bathroom door. How the heck it got there, I have no idea but I am quite sure it was him! brat! Good thing he is SO cute.

Looking forward to next week. The kids and I are off the whole week. I am sure I will be going out of my mind come Thanksgiving but it will be nice to sleep in and relax. Not sure what we will do but hang out around the house.. Any ideas? We might take Diego to Disneyland. Poor baby still hasn't gone. We are neglectful parents. 5 minute drive makes it easy to put off. I just know he isn't going to want to ride anything!

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Julie said...

I love clean sheets