Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stealing from Julie

Because that is what friends do. Birth stories. I will cut mine short, hopefully.

Krystal-THREE weeks after her due date on August (yes AUGUST) 7th, I went in to be induced. After two whole hours of labor she was born at just after midnight on the 8th.

Bradley-a week after his due date I was induced on November 15th. A two day thing. They put something on your cervix and see what happens. I went back in because something was going on. Stayed all night, nothing. Started the inducing in the morning, at 2:30 they said they might send me home. Nurse came in at 3:30 to check me, told her my water broke (nothing had happened up till then), she checked me, slammed the call button and said "tell the doctor to get here NOW she is at 10". He was at another hosiptal a few miles away. I remember them moving me when he walked in, and I said "You better hurry up" My mom said he didn't have time to scrub or anything. Born 45 minutes later.

Siobhan- I thought I was leaking, so I went in, they said they would go ahead and induce me since it was my due date and I was there ( I think something else was going on). Her labor was the worst. I think it was only 4-5 hours but they broke my water pretty early on. There she was!

Diego-I was having monitoring for low fluid. I was taking Siobhan with me. They called me. I felt it was like in Toy Story "Farewell my friends, I go off to a better place". I was the chosen one. I went downstairs to get induced. It was my due date. I called Eric and Siobhan watched cartoons until he got there. They couldn't start the inducing for two hours, I needed meds first, so Eric and I watched a movie. They started finally and it was fine. I remember joking between contractions. Taking phone calls. Frankly I was quite funny, and there he was.

Summary-two kids late and two born ON the due date ( I throw that 5% statistic way off)
four kids and four times to be induced.
No drugs

Getting prenant, pregnancy and having the baby is easy for me. I guess I just don't go into labor on my own. We could have had two more but I am so glad we didn't. Those two adorable, cute, loving little kids will be teenagers one day in the not to far distance. Teenagers=heartache and headache

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Julie said...

And that is why you have a plethora of children! No long labors or suffering besides going over the due date. That would suck!

I love borrowing and frankly it has made NaBloPoMo much easier this year!


Are you having turphy tomorrow?