Saturday, November 28, 2009

So I failed

the blogging once a day in November. I plan to keep up the blogging as long as possible. I still want to do one of those blog books Andrea told me about.

Today is Saturday. I keep thinking it is Sunday. I was off work this whole week. Weird how you start to think, what job? I don't have to go anywhere or do anything but what I want too. Yeah, and then you think, this is it? My kids are all in school, what would I do all day? You can only watch so much MONK and Ghost Whisperer. hee hee

I was home when Krystal and Bradley were real little until I went back to school. I didn't work so I was still home with them most of the time. That was nice but all my friends worked. I didn't have any money so I couldn't really do anything and there weren't as many activities as there are now. (That was a LONG time ago)

Ah, but there is today and tomorrow. I hope to enjoy them. At least there are many days off in December and I will be off a week again in January. My kids have THREE weeks off for Christmas. Is this the norm now? I decided to wait until January to give everyone else the time off those two weeks (we are close Thursday and Friday of each week anyway).

Krystal will finish up with this semester in two weeks. She will be home-working or at work-working (hopefully).

Enjoy your Saturday.

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Julie said...

yep, three weeks off is the norm now. It is hard being at home and I plan on working again someday. I think it is great that you have been able to do both. I have too!