Monday, September 26, 2011


Driving to pick up a friend and take him home from work I see her. She is standing there just like so many others. Same sign. Clean clothes although they look old and don't match. She stands. I am unable to look away. Probably a few years older than me. Throwing away any dignity for a few dollars. I have a wonderful hearted friend who gives money to every person who is asking. It is just who she is. Giving. She believes in helping other people. Once, about 20 years ago, someone asked for change in front of the hospital. They needed gas to get home. I had about three dollars and I gave it to him. It was literally all the money I had. I didn't mind, I felt good about what I was doing. A few hours later my friend called. She had been to the hospital and mentioned someone asked her for change for gas. Oh my gosh, I felt cheated. It was all the money I had and I gave it away willing. (Mind you at that time, three dollars alone would get someone home). How dare he take my money and lie to me. I was crushed. But this lady...something is different. Somehow. I help people. I think I am nicer than most people. I can be a complete bit%h but I am very courteous. I will hold the door. I will be polite to strangers. I have been know (too often for my husbands comfort) to pick people up who just miss the bus and take them to the next bus stop. I help in my way. But my! This month was financial hard for me personally. I had a lot of bills, but I had money to pay them. I have a college degree. My husband has a college degree. I have a newer car. We have a house and it has food, clothes and many things we enjoy but don't need. What about her? I can't stop far away are any of us from being where she is? One life change, or one person who was there for you, wasn't...things would be so different. I opened my money spot in my car. I had a dollar. One dollar. Nothing really. Not even a pack of gum anymore. I stuck it out the window. She rushed over. I couldn't look away. She said "thank you" about three times. I looked at her and wondered what her life is like. Does she have a place to stay? Does she get enough to eat? It wasn't that she was a woman. Whatever it was, she touched my life that day.

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Julie said...

I always wonder with those people and twice today I have read something like this on a blog. It's so hard to give sometimes. I know that I am always blessed when I do.