Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stand Up

I think I stood most of the day yesterday. Diego had a soccer game. I stood through that. I like to be able to walk back and forth and follow them on the field. Diego did pretty well against his cousins team. The Blue Bandits won 1-0. We went to Chili Pepper for brunch. No champagne this time...knew I needed to drive. I dropped Eric and Diego off at home so Diego could shower. Siobhan and I went to buy ice and squirt. Oh, and right now Albertsons has a coupon for .79 Squirt. I think I will be stopping by everyday until it ends. I have paid $1.79 for one! Then we piled in the car and headed out to the LA Galaxy game. We planned to arrive at 4 and did pretty good time (4:15). We arrived right after Heather and Eli. What a time. We had SO many people who came by for the Galaxy Shore. Our cousins Bobby and Stacy came with their kids and they brought some friends too. Of course all our regulars were there as well. I didn't get to see Evelyn until we were in the stadium though. I stood through most of that as well. That, along with this coughing, I was tired last night. Slept okay though so that was nice. A wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

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Julie said...

Sounds busy. That's a great deal on Squirt.