Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am welcoming myself back to my blog. It seems it is like an old friend. You can go away for a while but once you see them again, it just like old times. Diego's game went well. I am settling into being Team Manager and I don't think I am completely blowing it! Weekends that involve doing something on Friday are wonderful. It makes the weekend seem so much longer. This past Friday was the Galaxy game and Siobhan was sent off on her SeaWorld Trip.
where of course she had a wonderful time. There were so many things I should have gotten done today, but I was lazy. I did get to the market, wash some clothes and make dinner so not too bad. Oh, and I washed my car. Went to the spray place but who cares, it is nice and clean again. Today is my friend Julie's birthday. I hope she has a wonderful day. This is where I met her many, many years ago. We have an amazing bond. I know it will last a life time. I feel honored to know her and her family. Happy birthday wonderful friend!

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Julie said...

Glad you're back to blogging! Nice to year about what's going on with you family.