Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Amazingly Proud

I am so proud of my husband. He is following his dreams and ideas and that can only take him wonderful places. I envy creativity. I, myself, do not have any. I don't really "see" art. I don't think of wonderful things to make or cook. I don't decorate. I don't do cards. I love music but only so far as to listen. I can be amazingly supportive though. I believe him far more then I think he believes in himself. Life is all about taking chances and this is his turn. He supported me through school. He gives me love and encouragement everyday. I feel as though I am so lucky to have found my soul mate. To know what true love is. To anticipate coming home to him every day. TMI, but kissing my husband still drives me wild. I love you babe. You are the one I am meant to be with for, yes, the rest of my life. I know it is a long time. I know. And, really, thank God for that!


Stephanie said...

Aww, ya'll are so sweet. :-D

Julie said...

Very sweet. Sounds like something new for Eric soon? I'm excited to hear.