Thursday, September 08, 2011

Feeling disconnected

I am unable to be on any social sites during work hours. From about 7:45 until 5:30 I have NO idea what is going on. People chat back and forth on twitter and although I attempt to catch up when I get home, I give up. There are HUNDREDS of missed tweets to attempt to read. When I try, I end up commenting on something that is so old or has already been talked about. Usually I just glace at it and think...forget it. Facebook sucks but I check there. Again, I don't go very far. I don't care if you need something for your game anyway. At least with Twitter, Eric will usually tell me if I missed something good! The sun is going down a bit earlier these day. I enjoy the dark early. Am I the only one? It feels so late, and you look over and "What?! It's only 7:30!" That means there are HOURS left in the day! Woo Hoo I am the Team Manager for Diego's soccer team this year. Not sure how it happened, but I got through all those years of Krystal and Bradley in soccer and managed to skip it, I figure it is my turn. Our AT&T U-verse has been acting up. They sent us a new box (which arrived a day early). We are going to switch it out but we lose everything on the DVR. I'm gonna try and watch everything I can until I can't watch anymore!

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Julie said...

Making lists on Twitter helps. I have you three in a list. That's how I keep up.