Sunday, November 23, 2008

Best Post Ever

Okay, prepare yourselves for my best post ever. I have been waiting and waiting for some way to post this amazing post. I have known I was going to make this post for over two months. My husband has assisted me so that all of YOU may enjoy something we have enjoyed for a full TWO months.

Some of you may not find it amazing. You might even think I have a screw loose, and if that is the case, ppfffttt you know nothing! Nothing I say!

I wish I could leave this post for days as it is well worth it, but since I must blog once a shall find itself reposted or possible a side link later.

Have I built up your interested yet? Okay, let me tell you about my little post. This was originally a record album, you remember those right? Those big black round things that go on a record player. The idea behind this record was that you would play it when you were out and leave it on to repeat itself so people would think you were home.

The topics of conversation are classic. My favorite is when he asked for a black coffee and then proceeds to ask for her to add cream and sugar later. Good stuff

So click the link and at the bottom of this page, once it opens a new window (thanks for doing this Eric) you will find the little play button, click on it and prepare yourself for some odd entertainment.

Play it Safe


drama mama said...

I can't get the link to work! Crap! It's probably my computer. I'll try back later!

mackey said...

wow....forget home alarms!!!
Now I have to go & dig out my old turntable!!! lol

btw...the link in the title doesn't work but the link on the bottom does.

Julie said...

seriously hilarious, I love the arguing about her driving skills.

Andrea said...

This is how I imagine you and Eric thirty years from now!

Eric Jasso said...

Thirty years from now? We're LIVING this. Seriously, we put this on just for fun...Di and I just laugh. FYI...nobody has ever found the original producers, nor have they found any copies of volumes 1-3.

Vic & Roc said...

Hah! Now I know what a black coffee is. Love it! I have not heard the whole recording yet but am curious if Marjorie is getting divorced or just foolin around. Anybody have a prediction or thoughts on this.

I had a problem running it in Safari. Firefox pulled it up right away.