Tuesday, November 18, 2008

more about me

We left off with my mom remarried. I guess the guy was okay, but at some point I didn't like him anymore. Probably more pre-teen crap than anything else. Here is how I see it but not actually what happened (just goes to show you how we think ALL about ourselves). I had a friend over and my step dad told me to put away the dishes. I said I will do it when Scott leaves and he said no you do it now. I screamed I hate you and went in my room and cried. I think I told my mom I wanted to go live with my dad.

I don't know how it really happened but that is what I remember.

My mom and I went (another day) to the store. We came out and by our car was my dad. Just like nothing. Oh how I cried. I was so happy. We ended up moving out to CA with him. My brother Tony got married and they moved with us (shortly afterwards). It seems my parents were "talking" and got back together. It wasn't until I was about 22 that I learned it wasn't because of my "I hate you" to my step dad.

My mom promised I could take my dog, Bilbo. We moved and no Bilbo. I cried all the time. One night my dad picked me up from skating and said your mom wants to talk to you in your room. I walked in and was knocked down by Bilbo (German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix). I was so happy. I loved that damn dog!


Julie said...

Love this story, can't wait to hear more.

Bilbo sounds like a cool dog. Find some pics to share with us. I want to see you when you were little.

Di said...

let me just tell you, freaking adorable!

Andrea said...

Bilbo -- how cute!! Yes I agree with Jules, you MUST find pics!

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Beth Alvis said...

I barely remember your step dad. I can remember the first time I came to your house. It was after school. I was lugging that clarinet over there. I remember us walking from the jr high over by Mitchell's and then through the field behind the store.

You wouldn't reconize that area now. Mitchell's is now closed and the car wash was demolished in the last tornado that hit Jackson.

I will try to find some pictures of the devastation and send them.

Going home for the holidays. Send me your old address if you can remember it. I can run by and take a picture of it.