Sunday, November 16, 2008

Siobhan skating

Siobhan was invited to a skate party Saturday. This is her first time skating. I have done my two youngest children a disservice. I spent MANY years skating. I probably started when I was about 6. I spent at least every weekend skating. Growing up I would spend at least 8 hours a weekend skating. We would have overnight skates when I literally would not stop skating for 14 hours, and I haven't even taken the little one's. Shameful. I have thought about getting some skates so I can go. Siobhan says she wants to go now. Diego tried but gave up pretty easily. Hmmm, maybe


drama mama said...

Ummmm...laying on the floor would be me if I tried skating at this point in my life.

Julie said...

My kids love to skate. I bought them rollerblades to start and they have done great. It is harder to roller skate I guess. I had a white pair that I wore everyday and loved to feel free gliding down the street.