Monday, November 24, 2008

Response to Best Post Ever

Because it is so good, I will talk about it again. Eric will often play music through our surround sound and play a variety of things. (Tattoo singing is NOT one of my favorites The following video is a song he often tortures me with. (okay it is a little funny)

But one day he starts playing

THIS and I was thinking "What the hell". I hear these people talking and then he turns it off. I told him "Hey put that back on, I was enjoying that". I could TOTALLY hang with that guy. The fact that she has to practically beg him to get FIFTEEN dollars for a hair cut is the reason women should have their own money. Oh gosh, check it out

AGAIN It is SO worth it!


Julie said...

Zlad and his space rocket almost made me pee my pants. Tatoo is so bad I stopped it. I love crazy stuff like this.

Marty came home and listened to Play it Safe with me last night. He asked me " Is that them?" LOL!

Funny stuff.

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Di said...

It could be!

Stephanie said...

That is sooo funny. I listened to play it safe last night and Jeff begged me to turn it off. LOL I thought it was pretty funny....