Sunday, November 09, 2008


If you have a Mac and want to try games out before you buy them. This site allows you to play for an hour and then it quits or you can buy it. I really like that idea. An hour gives me a great idea of if I will like a game or not. Sometimes it just lets you go to a certain level. Anyway, just an FYI!



Eric Jasso said...

This is a desparation blog post for NovoBlogoWhatEveritsCalled. Di knew she had to post something. Post something with substance! Make fun of Krystal.

Di said...

Okay Mr. can't even blog ONCE a month, let alone once a day. You can't have 30 days of substance you know.

Julie said...

Eric!!!!!! People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Di, great job, I did not know about this site and I do have a Mac.