Saturday, November 22, 2008


There is no way the following photo will not provoke some serious emotion. I fight the tears back every time I see it. It brings raw emotion.

"His picture of an emaciated girl collapsing on the way to a feeding centre, as a plump vulture lurked in the background, was published first in The New York Times and The Mail & Guardian, a Johannesburg weekly. The reaction to the picture was so strong that The New York Times published an unusual editor's note on the fate of the girl. Mr Carter said she resumed her trek to the feeding centre. He chased away the vulture."

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Eric Jasso said...

It is sad when such a talent takes his own life haunted by the world he has seen through his lens. He felt so unimportant, even after winning the Pulitzer, burdened by the inability to make change.

jen said...

jen said...

you've been Tagged!

Andrea said...

You're right, that makes me want to cry. It also makes me want to go hug my own children and feel thankful for what we have.

Thank you for sharing.