Friday, November 28, 2008

Favorite Holiday from work

I decided that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday from work. Here are my thoughts behind this; already I am off two extra days. We usually have this week as casual as well. I took Wednesday off because Siobhan is off school. This is something I will attempt to do every year.

On Thanksgiving Eric and I are very low key. Basically we have one big meal for the day but it does not require us being in the kitchen all day. I buy a Honey Baked Ham which requires nothing and spend maybe 30-45 minutes on everything else. Therefore I am not tired or overwhelmed or even busy. I enjoy my day.

So this year I had FIVE days off work with only one of those as vacation time and it is only Friday and I feel as though I have been off work for a week already. It is because there isn't anything I HAVE to do. I am not driving around, picking up and dropping off. I don't have to go anywhere or do anything other than those things I want to.

Now, on Christmas I will have quite a few days off as well. I think I will be off nine days but they will be busy days. Shopping, getting ready, Christmas, cleaning up, food shopping, New Years. Busy. A break from going to work but not from work.

Last night the kids watched movies. We rarely watch more than one movie around here per weekend so that was a nice treat for everyone. So when I say a favorite holiday from work I mean just that. A favorite holiday FROM work.


Julie said...

It does feel like a long holiday even to me. Glad you are enjoying your time off.

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Holly said...

when do you visit me?! i haven't seen you since god knows when.

Andrea said...

Such a great point. Christmas is always so stressful, or at least the days/weeks leading up to it. Thanksgiving rocks!!