Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Well, I didn't get up at 5am. It was more like 7am when I woke up on my own. As I was laying there, I thought "What the hell you are already awake. There ARE door buster prices". So off K and I went.

We went to Toys R Us, where it took us a bit of time to find a parking space. In we went. Oh my GOSH! There were people everywhere! The line was around the store! I actually got very little. One, because the sales were not that good. Two, I couldn't go down the row I really wanted to because there was another line down it. Now, if this had been the checkout line, no big deal. I could shop while I was waiting to check out but it was the line to check out in electronics (I was informed about 10 minutes after waiting in line, bitter). So, I didn't even get to look at what I wanted to get in the first place.

The checkout line, although VERY long went quickly. They were very organized and had staff everywhere to help with anything. I was standing around looking for Krystal and employee asked me if I needed anything. WOW! That never happens. Anyway, I spent less than $20.00. The items I got that I was so excited about weren't even on sale. They were a bargain 74 cents.

Since we didn't find any bargains there we went to Target across the street. The store was much less crowded and the line, wasn't one! I got a couple things, Krsytal got almost all her shopping done.

My opinion, stay home unless there is something you saw advertised that you really want that is a REAL bargain. Black Friday shopping, overrated!


Julie said...

But now you can say you went once. I think it is overrated also unless you really need something.I did stay home.

Funny, Andrea, you and I all posted holiday themed blogs within minutes of each other. Great minds think alike.

Eric Jasso said...

Less money spent the better.

drama mama said...

We wimped out and didn't leave the house until about 7:30 this year. I think I'm getting old. There wasn't a whole lot out there I needed. Most of the gifts I buy have to be ordered. (Drum stuff for the 2 teens!) I did get a fab home theater system at Target for $79! WOO HOO! Ours just died!