Thursday, November 08, 2007

ER time

Today I took my mother-in-law to the ER (she is okay!) Everyone knows it takes forever whenever you go to the ER. I have a theory on that now. We got there pretty early so there weren't any other people waiting. They took her back fairly quickly, found out what was going on and took her to a room. All of this in about 30 minutes. Good timing.

A nurse came right in to find out the problem, a doctor followed soon after. They took the specimens they needed, then the wait began. Don't get me wrong, I realized tests take time. I have NO problem with that. THAT I understand. They decided to do an ultrasound and did that in a reasonable amount of time. Wait. Wait. Diego and I went to visit my mom who works at that hospital. We walked around a bit. She was still waiting. Wait. Diego went to the bathroom about three times, still waiting.

Finally someone comes back says "blah blah blah is wrong with you" "Do this and this" Great! Doctor says "here take this medicine". Super I think, we are OUT of here! Doctor says " I just need to get your Rx". Wonderful! After about 10 minutes, we agree that I will just take Diego to the car where he will enjoy listening to the Toy Story Disney Storyette on my iPod (yes, Andrea, iPOD!) So we head down, it is slow going because Diego really enjoys stairs!

I call Eric "Your mom is fine, Just waiting should be any minute" Yeah, any minute 30 minutes later. Seems they wanted to make sure she didn't react to the meds they gave her. Again no problem with that, but why not SAY SOMETHING. How about "We still get to get your Rx but we want to make sure you don't have a reaction to the medicine we just gave you so it will be about 30 minutes". Would that be too much to ask?

All in all we were there about four hours. Not really too bad. Only one trip to the gift shop (Diego couldn't understand why he couldn't actually get a gift for someone, yeah right at those prices!". One bag of trail mix, Diego was GREAT! Seriously Great!

So, my thought as I was waiting in the car. They make sure you aren't going to die and they make you wait. Do you want to know why? To discourage you from coming back. That is why! I am sure of it. They probably teach that in medical school, otherwise everyone would show up at the ER. How many times have you thought "Oh, if I go I am going to have to wait forever!". It doesn't take forever, get them in and get them out. How difficult is that!

It is a conspiracy, I am sure of that!

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Julie said...

We have a HUGE problem of people using the ER for a Dr,'s office around this area.

Last year, E got a bracelet out of a machine. A shiny metal bracelet like a slinky. It got tangled up and so I tried untangling it. Snap, a tiny sliver of metal flew into my eye. I ran to the mirror and sure enough there it is shining back at me. It is too late to go to urgent care. We take the kids to some friends and head down to the ER. IT is packed and we were told 4hrs. I told DH to take me home and I took some kleenex and pulled it out after about 15 minutes. I later followed up with my eye dr. SO ridiculous!