Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh yes, may I help you?

Thursday I dropped Siobhan off at school and I swear I could barely see out of my windshield. I pulled into the only gas station between Siobhan's school and Krystal's school. There was a guy standing there (right in the way). I pulled up and left the car on. K jumped out to clean the windshield. He said "Can I help you?" She said "No, I am just going to clean the windshield". He said "I will do, I am not doing anything else.". He cleaned the windshield 100 times better than Krystal would have. He offered us a free calendar. No thanks. "Would you like coffee? It's free!". Again, I said "No thanks".

That was it. He said "Have a nice day" and off we went. He didn't ask for a tip. He didn't think we were buying gas. I didn't think you could do that anymore. I can't actually remember which gas station it was. I know it wasn't Cheveron because that is the gas we use.

Remember full service gas stations? Kinda reminds me of that!


Julie said...

Conner begs me to let him clean the windshield everytime we go. I still don't like him getting out of the car because I feel I can't keep a good eye on him.

andrea said...

Whoa, you *never* get service like that anywhere! (Especially in this country where workers are quickly being replaced by machines and robots.) I'm coming to your house to get gas!

Eric Jasso said...

@Andrea: "I'm coming to your house to get gas!" Are you making fun of my Wife's cooking?

Di said...

haha As IF I actually cook! Your funny Eric!