Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let the games begin

Okay, ladies, are you ready? I have plenty of things to at least post in case my brain stops working. Think about it, photos (small caption extra bonus?), blog about someone else's blog, write a review. There are endless things to blog about.

The day after Halloween, the kids aren't so eager to get up. Lazy they are. Of course we were so busy yesterday that it wasn't until very late I realized that Siobhan's pe uniform needed to be washed. She is out of drinks for lunch. I was supposed to prepare a crock-pot for tonight's dinner (something I am trying, be prepared, obviously NOT working!) where did the night go?

Can you imagine how much more difficult it would have been if the time had changed already?

Day one, completed BEFORE work. Oh yeah, I rock!


Andrea said...

Damn I'm jealous.

Di said...

hee hee. I am sure you were up sometime after 12am. You could have done yours then. I mean, who cares if you are so tired you can't actually SEE what you are writing!

Julie said...

You had to be first since this was your idea. She did post her halloween pics first.

Thanks for the post ideas.

Di said...

Andrea cheats!

Julie said...

LOL! that is funny.

I have a question..How do you insert a link in the blog itself. I can't figure it out and the blogger help page isn't too user friendly.

Di said...

Julie- I am happy to share my wisdom since I have so llitte. It won't let me leave it here. E-mail me!

Andrea said...

WHAT?!?!? I innocently come back to read your comments and see I have been slandered. I do not cheat!!

(Except at Monopoly. Hee.)