Saturday, November 10, 2007

Okay I KNOW it is a bad picture ( my cell phone stinks with photos) but this is a car on fire at our neighborhood Albertson's. It seemingly took the Fire Department some time to get there. It was so long I actually called 911 to report it. Of course, someone already had. There were Paramedics parked close by but they didn't do anything until after a few (long) minutes, they brought out a fire extinguisher.

Some guy (guessing the owner) was opening the door of the car to get something and swoosh, the fire really took over. There were people all over the place. Crazy! No one was hurt thank goodness!


Julie said...

crazy! I need to figure out how to get pics of my cell.

Eric Jasso said...

The dummy opened the door, letting the fire get MORE oxygen, and, like Di said, swoosh! Dummy.

Julie said...

What a dummy. People have no common sense these days!