Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday or hell day?

What a morning. I would say a morning from hell but I guess it wasn’t quite THAT bad. I didn’t feel so hot this morning so I didn’t get my walk in this morning. I didn’t feel sick so much as exhausted. You know when you laying there and your body feels like dead weight? That was me.

I had Krystal put laundry in yesterday when she got home from school. Come to find out this morning she never put it in the dryer. Um, my work pants are in there. So, luckily they are of a thinner material and dry pretty quickly. I am getting really tired of things like this. She is supposed to be an adult. She actually wants to get a job, but she is home about three hours alone and can’t manage one load of laundry? Come on! Lazy! Needless to say she will be doing some housework tonight!

In addition to yesterday’s blog, Eric doesn’t want turkey, not a big surprise there. He said to get a Honey Baked Ham (he actually said, that really good ham, but I know what he mans) and tamales. Whatever. I can make baked potatoes and maybe I might try and bake a pie, maybe not. What I do know is the kids are going to find (or we will buy yet another set) of lights and put them up the day after. I am going to decorate some for Christmas this year! I am! Really! I mean it!


Julie said...

DH loves Honeybaked too! I like that you don't have to cook them. We usually get one for Christmas.

Sorry to hear about your pants.Around here it is usually my fault.

I know how you feel about Christmas.I decorated last year but cried at every song I heard. I am hoping this year is better.

Julie said...

I was walking through the store tonight and Dh says " Mmm, ham...Honeybaked ham. Now that sounds good." I thought of you.

Di said...

haha I LOVE that stuff, and all you have to do is heat it up. Really, who could ask for more? Yummy yummy!

andrea said...

Damn, now I'm wanting a Honeybaked ham! We usually have one for Xmas Eve. Sooo good. Did you know you are supposed to take it out of your fridge two hours before eating, and then just serve it at room temp?? How easy is that?!? (And my mom makes a warm raisin sauce that is great on it.)

OK, way too much info about ham.

andrea said...

P.S. We are halfway through the blog-a-day challenge! Whoo hoo!! You are doing great!

Now raise your hand if you're running out of topics???

andrea said...

P.P.S I've never baked a pie. This year we are heating up frozen pies from a fundraiser at Tate's preschool. LOL! Let me know how your pie turns out!

Di said...

I am pretty sure I said I MIGHT make a pie. That means probably not! ha ha you never know!

mackeydoodle said...

Dang kids.
I can't come down too hard on her. I did the exact same thing yesterday. I went to go & get my pink shirt out of the dryer this morning & NOPE...still in the wash.
My brain is in too many places at once:P