Monday, November 19, 2007

But you just ate 4-6 hours ago

This is the game I am playing. I am so into that game. I have abandoned my family for that game. In the walk through, they say about the 9th (or something) day move your people into the tree-house. WHAT! I have put HOURS into this game. I just moved into the tree-house. I am on day 73! It is kinda like the Sims which is probably why I like it so much. I will get in whatever time I can. Kids are napping, game time. Nothing on tv, game time. One hour until Amazing Race, game time! Eric said, I am tired of seeing you play that game, yeah yeah, I am TRYING to help these people eat here. ha ha I can devote SERIOUS time to a game if I REALLY like it!

If you have a DS and have time to play and don't have children that require breakfast, lunch AND dinner, get this game. It is fun. Someone at my work bought it and she is hooked.

Why am I blogging? I could be playing my game!


mackeydoodle said...

Oh no no no.....I wouldn't even dare.
I was so addicted to Tetris back in 1995 that I once played for 8 hours straight.*Mackey hangs head in shmane*
I was on medical leave from work though & Braeden wasn't born yet. What the heck was I supposed to do? :P

Julie said...

My kids love their DS's but I have never played one.I am already addicted to the internet so I best just stay away. Your house sounds like our house with all the gadgets. Only we don't own any Ipod's and I know we should be ashamed of that.