Saturday, November 24, 2007

Song one

There are three songs that really meant a lot to me when my dad passed away. I was going to post some of the lyrics, or just all of them but I thought it wouldn't do them justice. So I have decided to post the video's so that you can hear them.

The first one, you have certainly heard before. Wake me up when September ends. I heard this for the very first time about two days after my father died. My dad passed away on September 20, 2005. (The song's release date that I found was September 27, 2005).

Listen to it again and just think of how much it made sense to me. The title alone says it all. I know it isn't what they intended, but that is the thing about songs. They mean something different to everyone.


Julie said...

Very moving, I just watched Green day storytellers with Conner two days ago. I can hear what you are talking about in this song. Music is so powerful and a big force in my life also.

PS Conner is asking me right now" Who's blog is this" he loves Green day.

mackeydoodle said...

This is a great song & I can see how you relate it with the passing of your Dad.
Music is a peculiar thing if you really think about it.
Music can mean so many thing to so many people. As you know I am a huge music lover & I swear my life has it's own soundtrack:)

andrea said...

I really like that song, too. I never really thought about the lyrics before, but you have made me want to listen more carefully and think about them.

I agree with Julie -- music can be so powerful!

I'm glad you are posting the actual songs so we can hear them.