Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A little about myself

I really like to cook on Sunday, the other six days, not so much.
I love to read. Favorite food- probably pizza, favorite drink- Dr. Pepper, favorite snack- popcorn
I like 3 musketeers candy bars and when I have one, I eat all the chocolate off first.
I am not a big fan of chocolate. I don't really like pie.
I love veggies and fruit. Really, almost all of them!
I love my teenagers but wonder what it will be like when they move out.
The little one's, I wish they would stop growing up.
I am very literal, it drives Eric nuts. I am sarcastic (got it from my dad)
I love music. I think people who do not have to have music around them have something wrong with them.
I have a few friends who I would do anything for and I would ask anything of them in return.
I miss my dad every single minute. I still cry randomly.
I can shower and be dressed in about 5 minutes (includes washing and conditioning my hair)
I do not like to plan things, I would rather go along for the ride.
I am really bad with money. I try, but still...
I want to write a book someday (doesn't everyone), I am pretty sure I would be good at it too.
I actually like fast food. I try not to eat but I like it
I like steak. I hate fish.
A few years ago I would never try anything new, now I will take a taste.
I have a friend I see most days and wished we were closer.

Okay, enough already, who cares. ha ha but I got a blog in!


Melissa said...

I know.

Melissa said...

Okay, I didn't know you really like to cook on Sundays, but most everything else I already knew. :)

(I eat my Snickers the same way you eat your 3Musketeers!)

andrea said...

Hey, that was a really cool post! I didn't know a lot of that about you. Who wants to cook during the week??!? I'm with you on that.

Julie said...

Damn, I was thinking about a similar post. You win!

I knew I really liked you and we are VERY similiar in many ways. I was reading this going yes, yes to that, I do that too,scary!!!

The pie one really got me. I don't like pie and people find that so strange about me. Especially fruit pie it is sooo gross.

Di said...

Melissa, well of course you knew everything. You have known me 36 years. What could suprise you at this point?

Andrea, I usually don't. We eat out and order in and pick up A LOT! I am trying to do better. Every so often we have a "your on your own" night (except for the little one's of course)

Julie, we have GOT to meet one day. I like the crust. I will pick out the fruit and eat the crust. hmmm

Julie said...

I like the crust too. Three Musketeer's is my favorite candy bar.

We will have to meet someday.