Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crazy Morning

What is going on this morning? Things are crazy. The kids are acting like they had a bunch of sugar or something. The cat threw up. I think my dog is throwing up right now (outside). Weird.

So Thanksgiving is coming up. I was trying to talk Eric into going to Mexico. The hotel we stay at has a special for 3 nights and it includes Thanksgiving dinner for four. We haven't been there for an extended time in a while. I guess it isn't going to work out. I thought we might go to my mom's for dinner (she is ALWAYS ready to cook for us) but Bradley has a soccer game. Eric and I aren't big on the dinner thing but I think if we are going to be home I will give it a go. I HAVE cooked a turkey before. I think the best Thanksgiving I had since we have been together was the year we took my Land Rover to the park to go off roading. That was a lot of fun! (We took the dogs too, but Cucui got car sick with all that bumping around).

So, I have only decided as I was writing this that I would actually make a Thanksgiving dinner. I know Eric will say it is too much work. It will probably take a few extra hours with our P.O.S oven, but alas I shall attempt it. WIsh me luck people (better yet wish us ALL luck!)


Julie said...

Ahh, the POS oven. I have one of those too. I am making dinner also as I do every year. We usually go to some friends but this year we are staying home for the day.

We have been traveling so much that we don't want to make the trip to So.Cal this year.

andrea said...

Good for you for making a turkey! You will do great, I'm sure. I've never cooked a turkey before. (Jeremy has, though.)

Good luck and save me a leg! : )