Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lazy Day

Woke up to Krystal telling me my mom called and she is coming over. Great! We had to get up. Okay, it was 11 but a cold or something hit yesterday and I was sneezing and wheezing and feeling like crap. Siobhan and I watched I Love Lucy at 2:30am. I watched a couple of movies today.

Krystal took Siobhan to The Block. They actually took the bus (it is down one street and about 10 minutes), I picked them up. We had McDonald's for dinner. No, wait you don't understand. We NEVER have fast food. Never! It was yummy. Of course 3 of the 4 kids complained of hurting belly's shortly afterwards, but they are fine. Yum Yum McDonald's.

I can't believe it is back to work tomorrow. Ah, it is so nice to be off, even if the Christmas lights don't get put up like I REALLY wanted. Sigh, you can't have everything!


Julie said...

I used to take the bus everywhere. I used to venture all over that same area on the bus. Brought back memories! I used to live at Chapman and Main in Orange. My mom worked at the Hyatt Alicante at Harbor and Katella. My sister and nephew went to school at the Crystal Cathedral. Do you remember Belisle's?

Di said...

Actually Eric's friend's dad owed that place. They are co-god parents. I have never eaten there.

Have you ever been to Chili Pepper's (Main and Chapman!) Love that place!

Julie said...

The closed in the 90's and I only ate there once. I used to wait for the bus by there though. I am not sure if I have eaten at Chili Pepper's. My mom moved in 1996 and we never really went that way much. I loved the street faire and still miss going!

drama mama said...

We've been sniffly at our house too. I am feeling so sinus-y and gross today. Wish i had time for a nap, but no chance. I have to throw the band banquet tonight. crap.